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Mountains and the natural environment shape everything we do at JHPVisuals, so naturally we’re committed to protecting them.

In 2021 we joined the global movement 1% for the planet and have pledged to donate 1% of our annual turnover to support environmental solutions locally.


Since then, we have donated or subsidised projects for a number of grass roots environmental organisations all around the country. 

alt=1% for the planet logo wth snow capped peaks in background"
alt=“Group of young participants of the Martin Moran Foundation adventure programme in the Cairngorm mountains captured by JHP Visuals"

The Scottish Outdoor and Adventure Film tour is a new UK wide theatrical film tour, combining great films, great athletes, and great audiences.

Our aim is to bring the outdoor community together at each of our events for an evening of authentic, high-quality film entertainment that showcases and celebrates the best of Scottish adventure-sports, athletes, film-makers and locations.

Our goal is to provide genuine insight into the featured athletes, activities and locations, through inclusive and inspirational events created specifically for Outdoor & Adventure enthusiasts – whatever their level of experience, involvement or background.

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