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Production, Editing, Asset Sourcing


The Scottish Mountaineering Press


Date: 2022

Location: Scotland

DoP/Drone: Jimmy Hyland
Camera Operator: Reuben Bakker-Dyos
Photographer: Ryan Balharry
Production Assistant: George Donaldson
Editor : Reuben Bakker-Dyos

The Scottish Mountaineering Press is an award-winning publisher that exists to promote and share Scotland’s natural wonders. 


In 2022, they launched their Creatives project. Creatives is a digital publication of writing and visual art that exists to showcase the breadth of experiences and perspectives inspired by Scotland’s landscapes. It is a celebration of the country’s natural beauty, its stories and myths, people and communities - but more than anything, Creatives is a conduit between artists and the public. 


We were commissioned to pull together a series of films that highlight the success of the project. 


Working with footage supplied by Ryan Balharry, and utilising our extensive stock catalogue we created two films to fulfil the brief. The films premiered at the Fort William Mountain festival and have snce helped build the profile of the project online. 


Rob Lovell, Creatives director said the following:


"The Scottish Mountaineering Press worked with JHPVisuals on a short video documenting the initial year of Creatives, our grassroots creative writing and art publication. Our objective was to present a selection of those we’ve worked with so far and their work and incorporate information from the Press that explained the project and its goals.


Working from a single-page brief and with interview footage provided by Ryan Balharry Photography, JHPVisuals produced a fantastic inspirational video that truly captured the essence of the project. The final product expertly combined input from six individuals, one of which was Gaelic, into a seamless narrative that told the story of Creatives. Communication throughout the project was fantastic and feedback always resulted in something that exceeded expectations – what really came across was the team’s desire to get to know about Creatives and present it in the very best way possible. Their approach resonated with what we were trying to achieve – a production about a grassroots project with an authentic and supportive connection to those that it works with and with its subject matter.


We wouldn’t hesitate to work with JHPVisuals again on future projects – thank you so much for a wonderful piece of work."

Client: The Scottish Mountaineering Press

Date: 2024

Location: Scotland

Cinematographer: Ryan Balharry

Producer: Jimmy Hyland

Editor: Bob Zane

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