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Environmental Charity Grant

We are offering a 50% subsidised marketing campaign to 3 eligible environmental charities or social enterprise organisations in Scotland.

What is it?

This is available for all registered charities or social enterprises based in Scotland whose work benefits the environment with a minimum budget of £2,000 (to be matched) to put toward a new marketing campaign.

Who is it for?

We are offering to subsidise the value of a new commissioned marketing campaign by 50% (Ex VAT). We’re offering this on newly commissioned full-service marketing campaigns, so we will work with you from conception a brief through to final delivery.

We understand that a significant issue for third-sector organisations is often sourcing unique assets, so we will work to create a project plan that facilitates us to deliver both still and video hero and supporting social assets.

For reference, a £4,000 project would typically involve us providing a comprehensive narrative shoot plan, sending our production team to a site within the central belt for one day, and delivering a hero film, a suite of stills, and up to three social reels in multiple formats.

What are we offering?

We are looking for environmental charities or social enterprises that are looking to implement a marketing campaign to help them further their work.

Who would benefit?

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