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Concept, Production Manangement, Cinematography, Editing

South Brockwells Farm/ Passion Project

Sustainable Goat Farming

Client: South Brockwells Farm/ Passion Project​

Date: 2021

In the midst of the Covid recovery, we were searching for a project to highlight the intimate connection between farmers and the environment. We wanted a story to help show that agriculture and conservation can go hand in hand and provide mutual benefits. 


South Brockwells farm is a small mixed farm in Sussex, and their goat trial was the story we were looking for. Their innovative project uses goats to manage areas of scrobland around the farm, and as an alternative to chemical pesticides on their asparagus beds.


We provided a number of video assets, along with supporting imagery and assisted with developing a social distribution plan.

Client: South Brockwells Farm/ Passion Project

Date: 2021

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